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    Executive standard

    The company's products have been strictly organized in accordance with international standards, national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards. The use of standards has been strictly enforced, and products produced without standards have been strictly prohibited. So far, the company has implemented the following standards:

    1. GB/T5023-2008 rated voltage 450/750V and below PVC insulated wire and cable;

    2. JB/T8734-2012 rated voltage 450/750V and below PVC insulated cable wires and soft wires

    3. GB/T12706-2008 rated voltage 1KV (Um=1.2kv) to 35KV (Um=40.5KV) extruded insulated power cables and accessories

    4. GA306-2001 Flame Retardant and Refractory Cables: Classification and Requirements of Plastic Insulated Flame Retardant and Refractory Cables

    5. YD/T840-1996 Telephone Network User Copper Core Indoor Wire

    6. QC/T29106-2004 Automotive Low Voltage Wire Harness Technical Conditions

    7. YD/T1174-2001 Communication Cable--Local Coaxial Cable

    8. GB/T9330-2008 PVC insulated PVC sheath control cable

    9. GB/T14864-2013 Solid Core Polyethylene Insulated Coaxial Radio Frequency Cable

    10. SJ1563-1980 Solid-core PTFE Insulated Coaxial RF Cables

    11. HB6150-1988 Aeronautical PTFE Insulated Wire

    12. Q/321003LLD01-2003 Solid Core Polyethylene Insulated Polyvinyl Chloride or Rubber-Plastic Composite Elastomer Sheathed RF Coaxial Cable

    13. Q/321003 LLD02-2003 Audio Cable

    14. Q/321003LLD03-2003 rated voltage 300/500V and below PVC insulated flexible cable

    15. Q/321003LLD04-2004 Elevator Control Cable

    16. Q/321003LLD05-2004 rated voltage 300/500V and below PVC insulated PVC sheathed stranded flexible cable

    Separate Video Signal Data Cable Q/321003 LLD06-2005

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